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Forecast for 11/27/05 part VIII

Looking over some RUC and NAM data as I type - looks like there is a lot of agreement between the two which always makes me happy.
I am favoring the Yates Center area (still) but think I will stick around a little closer to Tulsa. Everything I have looked at points to activity all along HWY 75 from Tulsa to Y.C., KS.
So, maybe a trek to BVO is in order although I have not decided yet.
This is not a clear-cut day; there are two different modes of activity. One is cold-core (around the Yates Center area) and the other, a broken line with possible discrete sups south along a dryline. Yes, I know all of that sounded weird but basically, that is what it boils down to.
So, the decision I need to make is - fly north for the cold core or chill out in the Tulsa area or BVO and try for some potentially strong stuff later today? Hummm.
Well, maybe I will write some from the road - otherwise, this will be my last entry before the chase.
Good luck to all!