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Forecast for 11/27/05 part VII

Lets have fun with graphics, shall we? Here is the risk for tomorrow, 11/27/05 as of midnight the night before the event. Note the placement of the moderate.

This is a map of a similar (cold core) type set-up from April 10, 2005 (thanks for the heads-up on the graphics Justin). Again, note the placement of the moderate risk area.Here is a map of reports for April 10, 2005. Note the tornadoes and majority of the severe weather related activity was east of the moderate risk area.
Now, I'm not saying the SPC is wrong, nore am I saying my forecast is correct but sometimes history repeats itself and if this is one of those times, tomorrow could be a quite rewarding day.
Time to stop forecasting and try to sleep... more in the morning.
I still like Yates Center. Everyone cvan have Missouri... Chasing wind in the dark ain't for me.

Forecast for 11/27/05 part VI