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Dallas, are you freaking out yet?

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I have had the distinct pleasure to observe a small portion of the city of Dallas during a snow storm from a warm 6th story hotel room off HWY 75 near Mockingbird Ln. What a sight.
Dallas is a city that rarely sees snow, I'm not making fun of Dallasites, just noting that today is gonna be a huge mess for them! Freezing temps extend quite a ways south as I write and hopes of a little warming are suppressed by a system that continues to reinforce itself.
You will note on the national winter weather map above that moisture is now surging north in to S. Central and SE Oklahoma. Looks like our afternoon should become white around here.

88D in clear-air mode is a great way to see snow. I wish they would leave it in clear-air but doubt they will as activity expands across the area. So far it appears the area in and around Hominy, OK in Osage County is the accumulation winner. Bartlesville isn't doing too bad either with a good 1 1/2 hour's worth earlier.
I like snow a lot but rarely wish for it because I'm disappointed when I do. I live in Oklahoma after all...
By 5:00pm, I should start to see the white stuff in my location - which today is Pryor, OK (east of Tulsa by about 45 miles. I have to drive back to Tulsa in it though so my feelings are mixed right now.

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