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Car Rental for Chasing

I am cracking up at a current topic among those in the chase community. I have seen this topic just about every year since forums and lists were started. Car Rental for use while chasing!
Why is it that chasers are posting in public forum about renting a car, buying the extra insurance and thrashing the hell out of it? We all like our freedom to go rent a car, put a little equipment in it and head out for a few days - why sit around talking about what chasers actually do to rentals that they would never do in their own car? Why risk bringing this to outsider's attention?
Okay, I realize car rental companies are not gonna be able to do anything about chasers renting their vehicles. There is no way to tell what intentions a renter has prior to his/her rental of a vehicle. What discussions like this do is further decrease any respect storm chasers have from the general public who might read this information.
This is all I have to say.

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