I'm a private weather industry business leader with over 20 years of applied operations, sales and marketing experience. 


There is something very important to understand about content and data delivery when it pertains to the business of weather.

The app you use, the model data you view, the watches and warnings you receive (third party vendors); even live storm video services, are all an amazing feat of a bunch of very smart people. These very smart people create and/or depend on billions of lines of code to work 100% of the time. These lines of code depend on reliable hardware and a remarkable network. Quality hardware and networks are the result of a completely different group of really smart people. All these really smart people and infrastructure cost money. Money comes from a successful business and brand - supported by sales of the aforementioned items. 
Where am I going with all this?

When you open up your app and it does not do what you think it should or you’re looking for model data that has not yet rendered… Take a moment. Breathe. Give all these smart people and brands behind them a break and contact someone associated with the product for technical support. Skip the social media negativity and complaints, please.

Do not confuse my thoughts here with simply asking the masses for assistance with a product or service. Social media is a great place to start for a little help with just about anything.

Save the negative business bashing for when it’s warranted. 

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