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Reports from 11/5/05

Well, I spoke too soon last night when I mentioned I was glad there were not tornadoes as my forecast had suggested...

EVANSVILLE, Ind. - A tornado ripped across southwestern Indiana and northern Kentucky early Sunday, killing at least 15 people, wrecking homes and knocking out power to thousands, authorities said.

The tornado touched down near Henderson, Ky., and jumped the Ohio River into Indiana at around 2 a.m.

Indiana homeland security spokeswoman Pam Bright said 15 deaths had been confirmed in the state’s southwest corner around Evansville.

Of those killed, Bright said 10 people died on the southeast side of Evansville in the Eastbrook Mobile Home Park, and that victims were still being pulled from the debris by late morning.

Bright said the park, with about 350 homes, was devastated by the twister.

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Nowcast for 11/5/05