I'm a private weather industry business leader with over 20 years of applied operations, sales and marketing experience. 

Professional Facilities-Based Weather Services

I just set up this custom iMap Pro for the athletic department of a university. Detailed text regarding what WDT meteorologists are observing and/forecasting is outlined in the box and shaded in orange. The rings are set at NCAA standards regarding lightning, with the inner ring centered on the football stadium and extending to a 6mi radius and the outer ring at a 25mi radius. Depending on what the customer has selected, weather types that enter the range rings will trigger a push alert to email or SMS.

Of course alerting is only one tiny component of the full product suite. For more information about iMap Pro and how it can be utilized to protect your assets, contact me!

Nowcast for 11/5/05

Forecast for 11/5/05 part IX