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Nowcast for 11/5/05

I'm bored.
Thank god I didn't take time out of my life yet again this year for a chase today. I hate that I will eat my forecast if there is not a tornado anywhere in my target area but hey, look at it this way, there are no tornadoes and that is GOOD!
Anyway, I'm beginning to look at next Tuesday. I don't see the potential everyone else seems to but I'm sure I'll come around and figure out something to forecast about. Looks like that will be the last chase of the season if it comes to fruition.

As for today's wx, this line that has formed from the Great Lakes all the way down into west central ARK is a real pile of crap. It has yet to meet any real instability but by the time it does the instability might not be as inviting. This said, I am going to keep an eye on things over the next few hours if for nothing more than a possible last "fix" before we head into winter around here.
I'll likely post here if I see anything interesting.
Right now, I recommend keeping an eye on the cell near West Plains, MO.

Reports from 11/5/05

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