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Lightning probability (red) + storm tracks

Full CONUS view with radar precip depiction

Inside ring of an asset with lightning overlay, bolt selected

Global weather hazards as defined by WDT in-house meteorologists

NWS Watches & Warnings

Warning information

A customer asset experiencing lightning within the area of interest

As a marketer of weather in the private sector, one of the cool things I get to do is show weather events as they’re displayed in my clients’ product(s). This is a look at the early event period on March 26, 2014 from within WDT’s decision support system, iMap Pro. 

Within this system customers can set multiple assets anywhere on the globe and be alerted of impending severe weather in relation to that asset. In addition, forecast tools are available to help companies prepare well before adverse weather even begins. 

There were 8 tornado reports, 9 wind reports and 58 hail reports on Wednesday.

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