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Harsh Winter Took a Toll on Southern Illinois Vineyards

Southern Ill never struck me as a geographic area that would support vineyards to the extent it does. The news story linked here led me on a fact-finding mission. Here’s some highlights:

  • There are 450 grape growers and more than 68 wineries throughout the state of Illinois 

  • 69 counties within Illinois (68%) have at least one vineyard, and 38 counties (37 %) have at least one winery 

  • 90% of Illinois vineyards and 83 percent of wineries were established in the last 10 years

  • The total economic impact on wine and wine grapes in Illinois was more than $253 million

  • Illinois’ revenues from wine sales totaled $21 million 

In conclusion, this is how a weather story drained away an hour of my life and now I have wine party fodder for years to come - and so do you!

Reports from 11/5/05