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Forecast for 11/5/05 part VII

12z is out and I have been away from models for a little while but I will try to catch up.
Looks like if I were chasing today, I would plan on starting in Nevada, MO. The 18z should bring activity west by about 50 miles by my calculation.
I believe today will be a nowcasting day for me. This year has been written off and one more possible shitty chase day is not what I need right now. Plus, it is going to be absolutely beautiful in Tulsa today. I see an extreme outside chance of the surface low near Enid producing and given the number of times this year I have driven 300 miles for storms and sat and watched BETTER storms go up on radar closer to home, I'll take my chances with staying here!
For those of you going out today, good luck. If you have my phone number, feel free to call me for a nowcast/forecast.

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