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Forecast for 11/5/05 part V

As I suspected, the 00z brought the activity back to a SW Missouri area for Saturday around 18z.
CAPE is 1500-2000 and LI's are around -4. Both of these variables are increasing with each run, as is surface temps and moisture.
I'm still not excited about the chase but am glad the models are starting to agree on placement and especially the placement of that low.
I still expect some migration west for the initiation of the system and by Sat, this could very well be a Vinita, OK to Inola, OK initiation area.
I look forward to future runs so we can see what this system ends up pulling out of its ass.

EDIT: This is not really an edit, more of an addition but I'm not sure how to identify an addition... hummm.
Anyway, I am REALLY liking my target area I posted above. I have been reviewing data like crazy for the past hour and impressive numbers are being posted in that area on most model data for the 21z timeframe. Updraft speeds are most impressive which still makes me lean toward a hail event at this time but I will be looking at even more potential with tomorrow's runs. Tune in!