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Chase Blogs and Work

Yesterday, Amos posted in his blog about why he is becoming more reclusive in his writings in the period leading up to a chase as well as during the chase.
This is something I have long contemplated as I, like many of you, have taken time off work, skipped a wedding, etc. for "other" reasons in order to chase. I'm not implying that Amos is referring specifically to what I am in this entry, his statement caused me to think about my occasional situation though and that is what I'm writing about here...

As all five of my blog readers can attest, I generally use my blog to get my thoughts about a forecast on "paper". During a chase, if I have time, I will document my progress and additional forecast information. After the chase, I generally discuss what went right and wrong in a chase-log format. This information, forecast and all, then gets transferred to my website and pictures are added. Presto! - I have my detailed chase log for that particular chase day.

This is a hazardous practice given that blogs are easily found and read by others. "Others" can include the employer with whom I took the day off for a sickness I was not really suffering from. "Others" include that cousin who is getting married on a high risk Saturday in June. "Others" can be anyone who you do not want to know exactly where you are.
I am fortunate to have never been caught in this practice although my days are surly numbered.

NOTE: For those of you who are new in a company, I highly suggest you do not mention you are a storm chaser... Yes, it is a great conversation starter and very interesting to others but at some point they will catch on to your absence being directly related to the weather somewhere in the area. And trust me, there WILL be a time when you want to step out the door at 3:00 rather than 5:00...

So, in some instances, I have been blogging in "Draft" and publishing well after an event. There is still a date associated with my chase and corresponding absence but, with as long as it has been taking me to get chase logs published to my website, I doubt two and two has ever been put together.

I am furtunate in my new position to not have a reputation as being the storm chaser in the office. I am equally foutunate that the people I manage are all west of HWY 75 in Oklahoma. Gore, Woodward, OKC, Durant, Lawton and Altus are places I will visit regularly for business. This will make storm chasing easy to integrate with work and hopefully very rewarding in the spring of 2006.

Forecast for 11/27/05 part I