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Annual Storm Chasing Awards

All of my faithful readers know I get a kick out of poking fun at the social aspect of storm chasing. What other hobby can say it has 700 members, most of whom have never met before and yet there is a hierarchy similar to that of a Freemason-like organization?
One of the most odd issues this group of people with similar interests has is with elitism amongst them. Each storm chaser seems to thrive on recognition, some by putting together a killer DVD of their season then trading it with others, some by getting some footage on the 10 o'clock news, and others just sit in forums all day and run up post counts in order to get their names out there in front of other chasers in an effort to increase their visibility and popularity.
Just as the chatter over on the Storm Track forum about elitism and secret societies within the forum, etc. dies down, here comes a moderator with a topic that goes something like this:
Annual Storm Chasing Awards
Okay, hold on, here we are again, giving an opportunity for those storm chasers who usually have a problem with the fact that someone is better or more popular than them, a chance to hop on a new, improved bandwagon.

Fortunately, of 14 categories, only three are awards to be given to individuals. The rest are awards recognizing specific events, locations, etc. They are as follows:
1. Best Personal Chasing Website - Awarded to the individual storm chaser who had the best storm chasing website in 2005.
2. Blogger of the Year - With the advent of blogs, this award goes to the individual who had the best blog of the year.
3. Best Group Chasing Website - Awarded to a chase team/organization with the best website of 2005.

Now, I know for sure that there are better chasing websites and bloggers than I.
Certainly the current leader deserves the vote for best personal chasing website because he is such a generous guy in the forums and always likes to help others (kidding)... I'm sure he would be a wealth of knowledge in the area of Photoshop and photo enhancement too. Perhaps I would think more of him if he would have taken the time to reply to two e-mails I have sent him in the past regarding his equipment. This goes to show, you can be at the top of your game in storm chasing without really having to lift a finger.
As for best blogger I would definitely vote for someone who has not posted an entry into their blog in two months and has since announced that he will not be positing pre-chase information anymore before I would vote for someone who is updating their blog regularly with pre, during and post chase information. A.M., I'm not sure why you won't be posting as much prior to svr events but I'll sure miss it. I always enjoy your (non-political) comments and I'm certainly not railing on you in this entry. This is simply an example of how the popularity contest works.
Best group chasing website should go to Storm Track, of course since it is the boiling pot for the social dysfunction of storm chasing.

Some of you reading this might think I am a hypocrite for saying the things I have regarding the best website, blogger and group chaser awards. I did my time back in the late 90's trying to be cool in the chase world. I learned quickly that recognition amongst my peers was more harmful than helpful as these are a sinister group of people for the most part. Watching every step I take or word I write is not in my nature and I'll be an outcast of the community before I will try to climb my way toward favorable recognition in the world of storm chasing again.

Wow, reading back through this I see how bitter I am about this subject. Oh well, where is that “publish” button…

Report for 11/14/05 part I