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Forecast for 11/5/05 part III

12z rendering is finished and I've posted a look at the combo map from F5. This system continues to truck SW over time and, with several sceneries I have seen, including the GFS and Euro model as well, we could very well see a stalling of the low and storms near Tulsa on Saturday.
An interesting feature when looking at the big picture is the high on the southern Atlantic coast just above Florida. This high has not moved and is not progged to move until Sunday. Given the additional features between our low and that high, our low should slow considerably.

As for mode, this is going to be a crappy chase day if anyone expects anything more than wind and a little hail. Atmospheric profiles do not support much of any chance for a tornado.
If it is close though, you know I'll chase it!
More after 18z renders.

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