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Forecast for 10/31/05 part II

Halloween will just be wet I suppose.
Amplification of the system I was hoping for a little northern energy from has shifted into the San Antonio to Houston area with the latest NAM and the northern energy I was hoping would pop something in eastern OK has shifted as well - into a DFW area. Support has diminished greatly though and a great big rain event looks to be the main mode for the entire system.

Around here, it looks like wet will be the word for most of the day tomorrow. We need the rain but geez, it looks like it will be at the expense of trick-or-treaters' fun.
Oh well, I hate kids anyhow and this just means all that candy we bought will be for me to eat!

Mark: Looks like good camping weather on Friday man. 75 is the forecast high and 50 will be the low as of right now. It will be dry.

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