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Another Cold Front - This One Means Business

A strong cold front is again knocking on the door with mid-day temps in the 60's and a swift wind out of the north behind it. Currently the front is in Osage county and extends all the way across the state (of course). Precip and t-storms have developed all the way down the front at this time.
I am curious to see what happens as it pushed south a little more into some warmer temps. Our temps here in Tulsa have been allowed to climb into the 80's and to our south they are pushing 90. I have not looked at any models or mesoscale info at all and don't plan to - I do have my video camera with me though - cause ya never know! Maybe we will get a gust front in here later on - or maybe some hail. I was talking to Matt Patterson around 11:30am and he was in Wichititty, KS as the cold front went through there. He had hail at his location. As I said, ya never know...

SKYWARN Season Already

Cirrus at Sunset - Tulsa, OK