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Nowcast for 9/30/05 part VII

Looks like the cell currently a little north of Altus is moving in to great air. It has split away from the crap it was associated with and now looks like a sup with rotation at the mid levels. Rotation is almost identical to that of the current Seymore tornado warned storm in its early stages. I'll be interested to see how this storm pans out.
Earlier today NAM showed precip related to a supercell breaking out near Elk City, OK. This storm will move south of Elk City but hell, that ain't bad for forecasting a renegade.
Talked to Justin earlier and he was on his way to what is now the Seymore storm. This was before sunset btw.
Also talked to Chuck Allison - he was near Guthrie working on the storm on I-40 west of OKC.
Me? I'm still sitting here on a friday night writing in this stupid blog like a loser. I'm sick though so I have an excuse...

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