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Winter Weather Update (Mon)

If you read my post from Sunday, you saw models indicating temperatures and snowfall accumulation up until Friday afternoon. I have included below the same snowfall maps for the same period, just a day newer. Each day closer to the event will increase the likelihood of the model verifying.


The ECMWF has shifted the heavy snowfall to the east slightly. Keep in mind this is technically liquid equivalent snowfall so some of the precip can and will fall in the form of ice or sleet.


And now the GFS. This model brings the potential a little closer to the OKC area and is much more intense with totals. 

I hate posting TwisterData maps but it was convenient (thanks Lance Maxwell for the link). This is the NAM depiction of a potential huge snow dump between Lawton, OK and St. Louis, MO. 

The key here is models are in agreement that something big should happen. The question is where? Looks like onset will be Thursday afternoon for the central plains although there is a possibility for some precip during the early morning hours Thursday.

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