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Winter Storm Update (Wed)

Here we are, less than 24 hours before a winter storm that is still giving forecasters a run for their money in both geographical placement and precip type, timing. 

The NAM has pretty much confirmed travel on I40 East of the OKC metro well into Arkansas is not gonna be happening. Above is a total snow depth map through Friday afternoon. We know ice, sleet and snow will all three be possible, so…

Again a NAM map for totals through early Friday afternoon but this time showing total precip regardless the type. This will be the best indicator of coverage for the model run. This particular model lets OKC and Tulsa off the hook, snow-wise.

The Canadian model above indicates a more northern positioning of the wintry precip. Remember you can click the image to enlarge if needed.

The GFS keeps precip in the same general area it has been indicating the the past few days but has continued with an eastward movement of the higher totals.

The latest ECMWF is not available so here is the run from this morning. It’s in pretty close alignment with the GFS geographically; intensity not so much.

There’s no doubt sand trucks will be necessary. Here’s one that turned onto its side earlier today and thus will not be participating in this event. 

And it’s always fun to see how Oklahomans react to pending winter weather. As per usual, everyone went to their favorite super market, cleared the shelves. Hint: No one ever seems to think of Braums. They have the necessities…

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