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Mass Shelter Activation in Tulsa? Maybe...

The following is posted by Doug Lee of Tulsa:
The TRO (Tulsa Repeater Organization) has received a request from the American Red Cross in Tulsa to have operators on stand-by in case of a mass shelter activation due to refugees coming in from areas affected by Hurican Katrina. VHF & UHF may all that will be needed, so Technician class operators can help. We are currently taking a list of those that will be available and on standy to respond when needed. Portable packet equipment may be useful if we can find two stations, one for the shelter and one for the Red Cross HQ on 11th @ 169. The shelter could be anywhere within 100 miles of Tulsa, but most likely will be in gthe Tulsa metro area. If you decide to make yourself available, please respond to Doug Lee @ 510-2396. I may not be able to answer e-mail over the weekend, so direct e-mails to Mark Conklin N7XYO at N7XYO@arrl.net or to any TRO officer.

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