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How To Display Precipitation Depiction in RadarScope

Do you want your RadarScope display to show you what kind of precipitation is falling like in the image below? Cool! Keep reading.


First, you MUST set your radar data source to WDT. From almost any screen within the app, you can tap the gear cog in the bottom right of your screen. From there tap “Radar Data”. Select WDT.

Now tap in the radar view selection area in the bottom center of your screen. The selection area will have your current radar product listed. In this case I’m already displaying Precipitation Depiction so “Precip D” is listed.


Tapping on the “PRECIP D” text brings up the list of radar products available to you. Below you will see Precipitation Depiction is the third option in the long list of available products.


So now that you have the product you want on your screen, socialize it through Twitter or Facebook! Tap the arrow in the upper left of your screen and look for share options. Why use the social option? Because it delivers a clean, full radar screen to your followers.


RadarScope automatically timestamps your image for sharing and I recommend leaving that as it helps people determine timeliness when a radar shot gets a lot of exposure. 

Hope this helps you with winter weather precipitation depiction via RadarScope. Follow @stevemillerok for more.

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