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Forecast for 9/13/05 part VIII

I have decided to chase today. I can’t imagine that upper level support will be anything more than enough to hail – a lot.
Being that this system is arriving in my backyard though makes it waaay too easy to get out there and in the middle of whatever happens.
If you take a look at the 06z NAM, it indicates a discrete supercell breaking out around the Blackwell, OK area. NAM holds together the discrete potential in this area past 00z. This is encouraging but it IS the NAM so nothing can be taken too seriously.
This morning’s RUC shows a squall line event early on. This is not the mode I want to chase but again, it’s in my backyard and if I miss something this close to home I will never be able to live with myself after the season I have had.
In addition to the proximity of the action today, the TV station I am affiliated with has been paying out a lot more generously lately. I hate to add a $ incentive to chasing but hey, it does help in my decision to go out on a less than optimal day!
Oh, by the way, I have dropped the link from the HamWx main-page to this blog for 24 hours. I have been and plan to, share my forecasts for today and only want my regular readers to have access to the blog.
More in a little while.

Forecast for 9/13/05 part IX

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