I'm a private weather industry marketing executive specializing in the strategic approach to SaaS in established and emerging markets. 

As a marketer I am more inclined than most to open junk mail. Yesterday I received this gem from a dealership at which I have never bought a vehicle, although I have had a vehicle serviced there. It was a 2012 Ram.

I will give them big points for design. I’ve never seen a letter in printed email form so it definitely caught my eye. Clever that it was written about me rather than to me.
Just like most form letters, this one ends up reading horribly once they inserted my name from their spreadsheet. A typo in the second paragraph, second sentence is pretty blatant too. 

To me the most interesting thing about this letter is that I have bought new 2011 and 2012 Rams from a David Stanley dealership less than 15 miles from the one sending me this letter. Since that I’ve bought a 2013 Ram (different dealership). 

I’ll never understand why direct mailers do not better vet their customers. A blind advertisement to a specific demographic? Yeah, I get that… There is no question letters like this should be better targeted. If they knew anything about me, they would know I’m not driving a truck that’s nearly 10 years old AND still be carrying a note on it…

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