I'm a private weather industry business leader with over 20 years of applied operations, sales and marketing experience. 

I'm a staunch republican.
I have been slowly fading when it comes to my positive opinions regarding the Bush administration.
A decision was made on Monday that is the first since the tax refund of 2001 to affect me in any way shape or form. An energy bill President Bush signed Monday changes the start of daylight savings time to three weeks earlier and ends it a week later as an energy-saving measure.
Now, I think the whole time change thing is stupid to begin with. Perhaps it was a good measure back in the old days but by today's standard, many believe it to be an inconvenience. The sun rises and sets regardless of the time of day - oh well.
Anyway, so how does this affect me? Well, it allows for more daylight during prime storm hours! Storm chasing prior to the "spring forward" portion of daylight savings time is sometimes very difficult as work interferes. Now, we add an hour to the daylight portion of our evenings and I can wear myself out well before the good part of storm season gets here by chasing March crap! heh...