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Forecast for 8/24/05 part III

00z NAM is still a little confused about the mid level action for tomorrow but I feel like the european runs have it figured out - and it is good. NAM placement of the system was not too much different than the 18z run which is encouraging although it did change some. Also, the area of interest has decreased but the values within have increased - this is good too.
I would love to get in to the #'s but again, I am strapped for time. Plus, you really don't care about the #'s, you are reading this for my target.
Given the possibility I see in tomorrow and the fact that it appears this event is slipping by everyone on earth except for Justin, Joseph T. and me, I will not be announcing my target here.
If you have my cell phone #, I'll hook you up.
More tomorrow AM.

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