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8/24/05 Enid, OK Chase

Justin was really, really thirsty earlier in the day...
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Left to Right - Justin, Joseph, James

What better activity to pass the time while shooting timelapse of a storm you know is not going to amount to anything? Play in a puddle!

This was about the only photogenic occurrence on Wednesday. Storm as entering the south side of Enid, OK

-11 LI's, 6500 CAPE, 4500 MLCAPE, Stationary-well cooked OFB and one SUV-load of chasers...
You might think the above ingredients would make for a great chase day. You would be dead wrong.
We pulled out of Tulsa at around 12:30pm with a target of Enid, OK. Upon arriving in Enid, the first cell developed just to the southwest. We hopped on it post haste and got acquainted with the county road surfacing for future planning for when the roads would be wet. This cell was quickly accompanied by a sister cell about 20 miles to its west. The west cell took on better characteristics so we decided to shoot over to catch it. Our first storm (the eastern one) managed to produce 52MPH wind for us which made for some good "landmark" type video but that's about it.
The western storm was very photogenic for about 10 minutes. Striations in the lower levels were amazing - I can't wait to review video. A pic is posted above (the bottom one).
Our western storm blew itself out and it was back to the radar to figure out what our next step would be.
At this point in the chase, storms had gone up all around us and a cap was no longer holding anything back. Our first two storms had shot through the boundary and trucked NE at a good clip.
We hung out for a little while trying to determine our next step. Justin and I were discussing the situation and recalling past events where this was the set-up and trying to remember what the outcome was - ah, who am I kidding - Justin was playing in a puddle and I was taking pictures of him doing it, when Joseph T. called us over to look at radar.
There was a great looking storm that had just developed 8 miles south of Enid. It had rotation in the mid and lower levels. We blasted east then south and found a decent county road (paved) and gave chase.
This storm never produced anything other than tons of rain, some great CG's and Nickel-size hail.
We moved east of the storm and set-up on a railroad crossing for some lightning photography. CG's were playing nice and staying in the portion of the storm where they are supposed to be - unlike our 8/17 experience in Kansas. We photographed there for 30 minutes then called the day and headed in to Enid for dinner.
Check out my webpage and chase account for 8/24 to see what happens when Justin has a lot to drink at dinner and waits til Tulsa to, ummm, relieve himself...

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