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Looks like Emily has not only weakened over the last 24 hours, but will hit the Mexican Gulf coast during the very early, probably pre-light hours of Tuesday morning.
Bob and I had three criteria to chase this hurricane.
It must be a Category 3 or higher
It must make landfall during the daylight hours
It must make landfall in a U.S. state
We fully expected it to meet two of the criteria and have to make a tough decision when it came time to leave for the coast. Emily took all the guesswork out of the planning as she is now nearly a tropical depression again in the Gulf as I write.

This was a good exercise for us though. We were able to collect all the food we need, ice chest(s), a trailer for extra fuel cans, etc, etc, etc. In addition, I learned a lot of new things about forecasting hurricanes. Bob already knew much more than me and between him and the internet plus a couple books, I was up to speed in no time flat. At least for amateur forecasting!

Waiting until the next opportunity to chase one of these monsters...