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Back in Tulsa now and exhausted. 753 miles traveled - nothing seen but a bunch of rain.
Data coverage today sucked so sorry there were no updates.
I intercepted one supercell 8 miles south of Groom, TX today. The cell was linear in nature, then balled up into a nice sup for about 30 minutes. Bob noted three separate updrafts toward the end of this cycle so we checked radar. Indeed, the storm had elongated again and split three different ways. Each tiny cell had its own updtaft.
After leaving this storm, we met up with Joel Genung and Steve Bluford. We checked the latest RUC data and determined the day was over. Now - only a five-hour drive back to Tulsa!
We decided yesterday that due to the marginal svr progged for Sat, that we would take it as a down day and do the family thing, rest, or whatever - then chase again Sunday - hence the reason I am at home and not setting up for another chase tomorrow.
We are saving energy for Sunday as it looks like a great day for storms. Salina and points north are most interesting at this time.
I will post info and pics from today's chase at HamWx as soon as I have time... Probably early next week.
I will be forecasting a little bit in this blog on Sat...