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Pointing Out The Obvious: The Dirty Game

Quote from today’s SI article regarding OSU football vs. academics, this is the list of players who supposedly received academic preference, test answers supplied to them, and were provided personal tutors:

"Carter, Cole, Mickens, defensive tackle Larry Brown (2005 and ‘06), offensive lineman Jonathan Cruz (2002), linebacker LeRon Furr (2009 to ‘10), defensive tackle Brad Girtman (2003 and ‘04), safety Chris Massey (1999 to 2002) defensive end T.J. Minor (2005 and ‘06), linebacker Marcus Richardson (2007), running back Herschel Sims (2011), wide receiver Artrell Woods (2006 to ‘08) and defensive back Thomas Wright (2002 to ‘04) told SI that they had work done for them and/or that they received other improper academic assistance. They and a dozen other players say they witnessed teammates participating in academic misconduct. Among those they named: running back Tatum Bell (2000 to ‘03), wide receiver Prentiss Elliott (2004), quarterback Josh Fields (2001 to ‘03), safety Vernon Grant (2002 to ‘04), cornerback Darrent Williams (2001 to ‘04) and defensive end Kevin Williams (1998 to 2002)."

Not but one of these players finished college at OSU. Kinda sad considering all that “help” they were getting.

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