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depressed storm chasers

Storm chasers are made up of a very diverse group of people.  The hobby attracts individuals with little to nothing going on in their life besides chasing, many perpetually single men, many depressed individuals, and finally, some people I would consider to be downright missing a screw or two.  Sure, there are a few normal people who live a life outside of chasing and can live without constant reassurance that they are cool because they chase. Not many though.

You're wondering where I'm going with this and I don't blame you.  Hell, you're probably wondering if I'm talking about you!  If so, go ahead and assume I am.

For so many feeble-minded people to to embark on this hobby as their primary spare time killer, really surprises me. Why would someone who is already depressed or suffering from any number of ailments, want to put themselves in the types of danger storm chasing provides?  What happens when an already depressed person sees the aftermath of a tornado; death and destruction?

My comments here stem from a conversation I had with a friend recently regarding a recurring dream I have had for a few years now.  This is a dream that involves a large devastated area that's filled with the smells of natural gas, freshly broken trees and the sights commonly seen following a tornado in a populated area. It is not any specific event and it's not terribly horrific as in a nightmare, it's just myself and other people helping to find injured people and pets as well as helping with temporary structure fixes.
Now, why do you care about my recurring dream?  You probably don't but I'm going to make a point anyway that someone like me who has a very stable, stress-free, depression-free life, apparently has scenes locked into my mind somewhere.  I have seen some pretty horrific things in 17 years of running around chasing tornadoes. I rarely think about the psychological effect of what I see out there but it's definitely there. I wonder how people who already have

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