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In The Dark


This blog is brought to you by the 7.5kW Yamaha generator sitting right outside our garage door that has been running since 10pm Friday night.

Oklahoma is a regulated utility state. OG&E is our provider here in the OKC area and as I write I’m sure many men and women are working their asses off for the promise of restored power here. 

As we were walking around the neighborhood this evening we visited briefly with a Moore police detective who lives up the street. He said police and fire personnel were briefed about how long it would take to restore power in Moore and surrounding areas. Our particular neighborhood is said to be back online Tuesday.

Now, I understand a disaster has occurred on the heels of a previous disaster. Infrastructure has been compromised and this takes time to fix.
I’m angry though, as a customer of OG&E, that I cannot get this same information from the company that I get from the cop up the street.
I consider this a major customer service failure.

OG&E knows exactly when a crew is scheduled to tend to a specific area and can ballpark when services should be back online. This information, properly communicated to their customer base, would allow for proper planning.
Security of property, food spoilage, pet health, and overall departure from normalcy are just a few things going without power entails.
Knowing now that we’ll likely not have power until Tuesday helps us plan our week. For everyone else in the area, they’ll continue to sit in the dark thinking that any minute the power might come back on. 

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