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Vacation & A Twitter Project

Alright, so I have been away a little while on a vacation. Andi and I took 9 days to relax in San Francisco, Las Vegas & Phoenix. We got back in town Sunday and, with plans to be away for an extended period, I decided letting people know we were gone by tweeting or facebooking live during this vacation would put our home at risk.
The simple answer was to launch a little twitter project where I would simply update to a private account and then make that account public for everyone when we get back. Now, by everyone, I mean close friends and family who read this blog and give a rat’s ass about what we do in our lives. If you are one of my more recent ‘haters’ who can’t seem to buy your way out of a paper bag, this blog is not for you because there are blatant displays of fun being had and money being spent. 
For the rest of you, please scroll down to the bottom of this blog and read up. Remember, this is in twitter format.

Annnd, we are back in OKC. The guy standing in front of us for lunch is apparently from Jersey. http://twitgoo.com/1ptpnr
Sun Oct 17 2010 14:56:55

Why do some people read magazines from back to the front? Seems difficult.
Sun Oct 17 2010 11:55:16

This is how I know I’m on the right flight – Cowboy hat! OKC, here we come!http://twitgoo.com/1ptn2a
Sun Oct 17 2010 11:51:14

3 hours from now we’ll finally be home. Good trip, can’t really say it “flew by” though. I’m tired and ready for a familiar bed.
Sun Oct 17 2010 11:09:35

Last day of vacation and last flight for a little while is in the morning. Had 5 flights in 9 days. That’s too many. Can’t wait to be home!
Sun Oct 17 2010 00:10:57

Even in Arizona I can’t get away from OU Gooner fans.
Sat Oct 16 2010 14:56:55

Oh, and it’s noon here and hot as hell. Dry heat my ass.
Sat Oct 16 2010 14:17:30

When the wind blows in Phoenix, the tree leaves make little to no noise. #observation
Sat Oct 16 2010 14:17:01

Trying Jinro for the first time. Vodka + Rubbing Alcohol with no substantial after-taste. Kinda good, in fact. http://twitgoo.com/1pjzm9
Fri Oct 15 2010 21:59:59

A couple day stop at my in-laws to see my new nephew. Location:http://j.mp/czZ7PF Back in OKC Sunday.
Fri Oct 15 2010 21:19:41

The official “where we are” tweet with map: Location: http://j.mp/aWDe6T
Fri Oct 15 2010 16:08:40

Are priests required to wear their full “get-up” while flying? Either this is the case or two dudes wearing really fancy dresses flew w us
Fri Oct 15 2010 15:58:16

It’s apparent people have lost the ability to be polite when exiting an aircraft. Take your turn!
Fri Oct 15 2010 15:48:48

Now in Phoenix. Shot this right before takeoff from LAS. http://twitgoo.com/1pjvk1
Fri Oct 15 2010 15:44:27

South Park was right – you really CAN tell people from New Jersey apart from everyone else!
Fri Oct 15 2010 13:49:59

Las Vegas Airport, for anyone who has never been, looks like a casino. Wish they had table games. I’d be playing. http://twitgoo.com/1pjt60
Fri Oct 15 2010 13:21:28

“code red” in Las Vegas taxicab terminology means a cab driver hit his panic button. (just came over the radio & our driver was all over it)
Fri Oct 15 2010 12:53:06

Watched more news this morning. The woman who’s hubby was killed on the TX/MX border totally hired that out.
Fri Oct 15 2010 12:47:40

Oh, and the room control on my nightstand lights up at random. Other than that, this place rocks. http://twitgoo.com/1pjprq
Fri Oct 15 2010 08:51:35

This hotel cost more to build than any other hotel in the country. I can still hear the damn elevator ding down the hall at all hours.
Fri Oct 15 2010 08:47:29

I can tell adjusting back to central time might take a few days. It’s 12:48am at home, 10:48pm here.
Fri Oct 15 2010 00:49:37

Just a hunch, but I think Vegas is at a breaking point. They are very near pricing themselves well out of the range of most.
Fri Oct 15 2010 00:09:15

Back to normal after another great meal. This is our last night in Vegas; tomorrow we are off to Phoenix.
Thu Oct 14 2010 22:23:53

King crab legs from The Range on the las vegas strip http://twitgoo.com/1pjjvq
Thu Oct 14 2010 21:53:24

$28 chicken breast plus $5 service fee plus 18% gratuity = outrageous; but delicious.http://twitgoo.com/1pjjva
Thu Oct 14 2010 21:51:58

Tried to find Storm Chasers on the teevee last night since I was stuck in the room. No Discovery Ch here. Sounds like I didn’t miss much.
Thu Oct 14 2010 12:14:23

36+ hours of laying in bed in Vegas. This blows. Think I’m getting through it; just in time to leave tomorrow…
Thu Oct 14 2010 12:12:50

Pain in the butt being sick in the biggest party spot on the planet. Starting to feel better though.
Wed Oct 13 2010 18:05:16

Light show downtown. This is like the state fair x10. http://twitgoo.com/1piayu
Tue Oct 12 2010 21:04:43

Yes, that’s a monkey in a wheelchair. (downtown LV) http://twitgoo.com/1piauu
Tue Oct 12 2010 20:54:00

And this is why downtown l Las Vegas has a bad rep… http://twitgoo.com/1piamp
Tue Oct 12 2010 20:00:05

On my way downtown for some blackjack. http://twitgoo.com/1piamf
Tue Oct 12 2010 19:58:17

Dear Encore. That $7 beer in the fridge? Yeah, I’d be more likely to buy it right now (because I’m lazy) if it weren’t warm.
Tue Oct 12 2010 17:20:12

Wynn properties are serious about nice bathrooms in the rooms.http://twitgoo.com/1pi8f9
Tue Oct 12 2010 17:17:53

Compared to the last hotel, the Encore in Vegas is insane. One more pic follows.http://twitgoo.com/1pi7uc
Tue Oct 12 2010 16:04:51

Wazuzu restaurant in the Encore. Check out the High “Roll”er. That sounds pretty dang good, actually. http://twitgoo.com/1pi7ua
Tue Oct 12 2010 16:04:18

Fabulous Las Vegas. Consuming mass amounts of water to offset the dehydration surly to come about http://j.mp/aJCAxZ #beer #blackjack
Tue Oct 12 2010 13:20:20

I think luggage manufacturers must pay these guys under the table to wreck checked bags. Ha http://twitvid.com/XUFVA
Tue Oct 12 2010 11:23:25

The San Francisco airport is as easy to get in and out of as OKC. Showed up 55 min before flight with plenty of time to spare.
Tue Oct 12 2010 10:51:55

Ahh yes, crazy-ass cab ride to the airport. I always forget how much ‘fun’ these are.
Tue Oct 12 2010 10:01:09

This is our last night in San Francisco. Next stop: Vegas! Here’s a look at our very “busy” room @ the Sheraton FW http://twitpic.com/2wwvjw
Tue Oct 12 2010 00:32:57

Okay, so they have this wine in Cali called “2 Buck Chuck”. It’s literally $2 per bottle & is surprisingly decent http://twitpic.com/2wwumb
Tue Oct 12 2010 00:28:05

Delicious steak. For an upscale restaurant, I’m surprised at the sizzler waiter attire. Well worth $ though.
Mon Oct 11 2010 22:00:06

Holy crap this is gonna be good. http://twitpic.com/2wvnm1
Mon Oct 11 2010 21:38:33

At Ruth’s Chris Steak House enjoying a Napa Merlot and some good company. A big ass prime filet is on order. Location: http://is.gd/fXUax
Mon Oct 11 2010 20:29:17

Back in room and see Brett Favre pulled a boner (literally). What a douche. Yet another reason pro sports suck. Hope he loses all his $…
Mon Oct 11 2010 18:48:35

Street Car that originated in Kansas City. http://moby.to/g388bw
Mon Oct 11 2010 18:10:07

Ferry trip back to San Francisco. Sausalito is great if you’re a woman wanting to shop a ton. http://moby.to/6jfmb0
Mon Oct 11 2010 17:27:36

Huh? Isn’t that the same as $5 per hour? Silly Californians. http://moby.to/apo2dy
Mon Oct 11 2010 17:11:48

Every chick here has on tights. I had no idea they were so popular. I believe tights should have a waist-size maximum though. #fatties
Mon Oct 11 2010 16:37:12

The Horizons restaurant sucks. Calamari is good but the rest is awful.
Mon Oct 11 2010 16:11:31

Location: http://j.mp/cNwu0j at Horizons for lunch in Sausalito. Calamari is ridiculous. Yum
Mon Oct 11 2010 15:24:05

Tasty salted pig parts in the Ferry Building. Location: http://j.mp/92DRBbhttp://twitpic.com/2wrsf2
Mon Oct 11 2010 12:51:05

The coffee at Sheraton SF-FW, supposedly @Starbucks, is a horrible representation and @ $4.44 per 12oz cup is a total rip off.
Mon Oct 11 2010 12:12:27

I wonder if the housekeeping lady is pissed that I stood in the hall knocking & yelling “housekeeping!” to freak my wife (still in bed) out?
Mon Oct 11 2010 12:04:19

Heading across the bay today to a little town called Sausalito. Apparently they have a large community of houseboats there; real HOUSEboats.
Mon Oct 11 2010 11:12:29

They still have late night singles & sex phone-line commercials here. Did the Baptists run them out of OK or what? Oh well, who cares.
Mon Oct 11 2010 01:52:36

I wonder how many cameras this chick sees in front of her? Holy crap!http://twitpic.com/2wmdam
Mon Oct 11 2010 01:08:55

My tweets seem to center around food during this leg of out trip. Love all the hole-in-the-wall restaurants here.
Mon Oct 11 2010 00:45:27

Another vacation day in the books. Tomorrow will be a good one with a trip across the bay for food/shopping & then dinner w friends.
Mon Oct 11 2010 00:44:04

Little Joe’s Pizza = great! I’ve eaten more Italian food in two days than I usually do in a month. http://twitpic.com/2wknuj
Sun Oct 10 2010 22:07:11

Hanging here. http://j.mp/bMJrUT This link is mainly for my use. Probably won’t make a ton of sense to anyone who reads this.
Sun Oct 10 2010 20:57:32

Another killer meal behind us. Time for an hour of rest up in the room before going to visit some friends. http://twitpic.com/2wjyzy
Sun Oct 10 2010 20:54:25

Cafe Pescatore is our choice for “linner” (lunch and dinner). Sure, we’ll eat more later. I’ll make up an appropriate name for that meal when the time arrives.
Sun Oct 10 2010 17:51:18

View of the start of the air show off Pier 39 http://twitpic.com/2whs99
Sun Oct 10 2010 16:36:28

Heading to Pier 39 to watch the Blue Angels over San Francisco Bay.
Sun Oct 10 2010 16:04:56

The house keepers here at this hotel are very adamant about cleaning our room, even with the “leave us alone” tag on our door.
Sun Oct 10 2010 16:03:34

Great parade so far. Navy just marched by. Pretty cool seeing these guys do their thing. http://twitpic.com/2wgxda
Sun Oct 10 2010 14:54:02

About time for the Fleet Week parade. Looks like a big one. Location: http://j.mp/bMJrUT http://twitpic.com/2wgm4k
Sun Oct 10 2010 14:17:16

Got an “illegal cab” last night. Unmarked, bar prob gets kickback for calling; but much cheaper @ $1/min. Not a bad business idea there.
Sun Oct 10 2010 09:40:59

Prediction: popular fad for Oklahoma in five years will be Frank Sinatra hats. Anyone wanna bet?
Sun Oct 10 2010 02:23:12

Don’t use this company when you are in San Francisco http://twitpic.com/2wagb5
Sun Oct 10 2010 02:21:38

Congratulations Tiffany! Oh, and I almost kicked the photographers ass about 15 minutes ago. Ask me about this sometime!
Sat Oct 09 2010 22:49:41

A member of The Greatful Dead just visited our dinner table. Okay, maybe not. We’ll never actually know.
Sat Oct 09 2010 21:36:25

Hanging out over at the Irish Cultural Center. It’s cooler over here on this side of the peninsula http://j.mp/bAaPXO
Sat Oct 09 2010 20:10:36

Hour-and-a-half Catholic wedding finished. It went something like this: up down up down up down up down up down up down up down, kiss
Sat Oct 09 2010 18:58:40

There is no question that right now, in my current company, I could order a hit and have it carried out. #mafiaforreal
Sat Oct 09 2010 16:38:08

SF south side neighborhood http://twitpic.com/2w4jxr
Sat Oct 09 2010 16:16:38

Lost luggage arrived, pulled out a dress shirt the new cleaners back n Moore packed for me. It is burned & ruined. Replaced and ready 4 fun!
Sat Oct 09 2010 15:09:48

Having lunch at Alioto’s @ Fisherman’s Warf. Table overlooks marina and Golden Gate Bridge. Hope food is great! http://twitpic.com/2w3aii
Sat Oct 09 2010 13:52:27

View from our hotel room (The Sheraton, Pier 39). Not too shabby.http://twitpic.com/2w2xp5
Sat Oct 09 2010 13:14:42

Wish there were a Starbucks around here. Oh, there’s one, & another, & another! (discussion this morning as I looked out the hotel window)
Sat Oct 09 2010 12:22:43

I guess I should be clear. That was a bathroom door-stop. Promise.
Sat Oct 09 2010 08:59:24

This must have been designed by the same dude who arranged drain holes in a urinal to look like a dick. http://twitpic.com/2w0g5r
Sat Oct 09 2010 08:54:34

6:27am and I’m wide awake. 8:27 at home… Something tells me I’ll adapt in a hurry though…
Sat Oct 09 2010 08:30:08

Bag is still not to the hotel. It better be here by morning or heads will roll. Well, or we will go to the GAP next door to snag her duds…
Sat Oct 09 2010 01:24:01

SW lost A’s bag. The claim lady asked me to ID something in the bag in case the tag came off. I told her it had a roll of toilet paper…
Sat Oct 09 2010 01:22:28

The Giants lost game 2 and now have to travel to Atlanta. I like a town that has a home for fans with bandwagon tendencies. Sound familiar?
Sat Oct 09 2010 01:05:58

Eating authentic Italian w authentic Italians. So far so good, main course forthcoming. Feels like 11pm, oh, wait. http://twitpic.com/2vvv6g
Sat Oct 09 2010 01:02:22 (Central Daylight Time) via Twittelator

Recommend Caesars for Italian in SF for sure. Can’t imagine a more authentic experience and wow, amazing food. Near Pier 39.
Sat Oct 09 2010 00:48:34

John Madden walking across the street in front of our car. Now that’s cool as hell!http://twitpic.com/2vvu7b
Fri Oct 08 2010 23:04:01

Candlestick Park. Shot from here: http://j.mp/9E4A0U http://twitpic.com/2vua59
Fri Oct 08 2010 20:17:29

San Fran airport at twice the speed limit. Scary. http://twitpic.com/2vu5xo
Fri Oct 08 2010 20:03:20

Landed in San Fran sick of flying and being in airports. Ready for dinner (italian @ caesars). Current location: http://j.mp/9E4A0U
Fri Oct 08 2010 20:00:59

Layover and lunch at Timberland Steakhouse. Bar faces the mountains and tarmac. Buffalo burger on the way. Yum http://twitpic.com/2vrk93
Fri Oct 08 2010 14:38:32 (Central Daylight Time) via Twittelator

Another Black Lab “Search & Rescue Package” is in DIA. Wonder what the deal is?
Fri Oct 08 2010 14:14:17

As always, Southwest made up time in the air from a late departure from OKC. Flight 1 of 6 over the next 10 days is over http://j.mp/9E4A0U
Fri Oct 08 2010 14:10:07

Flight 2793 OKC to Denver. Wonder if the pusher car is authorized by the Big 12 for that half-assed logo? http://twitpic.com/2vqe32
Fri Oct 08 2010 12:12:25 (Central Daylight Time) via Twittelator

What do u suppose is in the black leather-clad cases pilots carry around with them? Sure, probably records/logs, but do they have THAT many?
Fri Oct 08 2010 11:51:09

Anxious to see this guy make it through TSA. http://twitpic.com/2vq2qm
11:34 AM Oct 8th

TSA is just a way to make the public feel safer. We aren’t actually safer. Guy ahead of me had enough 3oz cream to blow a hole in Ft. Knox.
11:33 AM Oct 8th

Okay, time to test this out from the iPhone to make sure my little vaca documentation plan will work without flaw.
9:44 AM Oct 8th

Created a somewhat private twitter account so I could tweet about my vacation and share when I get back so no one robs me blind while gone.
9:34 AM Oct 8th

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