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Almost every city has a Chamber of Commerce; an organization designed to help businesses within the community they serve, prosper. Chambers focus on economic development and do so via funds brought in by member businesses. Another primary function of the Chamber is to make recommendations to city leaders regarding how to improve the business climate through taxation, infrastructure, services, etc. They work hand-in-hand with the city to bring in more potential tax revenue.
Oklahoma City has a thriving Chamber and even a State Chamber that is run from our fine city.

Apparently no one from the OKC Chamber has flown lately.
I have always noted the conditions of roads to and from the airport as being “poor”. The gateway to our city for many decision-makers is through our airport. It makes no sense to me that driving home from the Will Rogers Airport yesterday, I had to concentrate on avoiding holes in the road and, upon hitting one chug, wonder if my tire was still on the wheel.
Seems something so basic and easily serviced, would be a top priority for those in charge of these things.

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