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Okay, for those of you observant ones out there, you will note that the Sirius player in my truck was playing Brad Paisley on both of it’s country channels at the same time of day. I’ll guess that you know where I’m about to go with this bitch-fest…
Here’s the deal Sirius… I am not sure how you go about handling royalty payments to the powers that be but I’ll assume by the amount you play certain artists on certain labels, that you are buying “blocks” and only the most inexpensive blocks at that. Of late, I can tell you three artists I am guaranteed to hear on Sirius Satellite Radio with a brief scan of the primary channels at any time of day:
Brad Paisley
Tom Petty
Kings of Leon
I’m positive there are many more but I have to say these three are annoying enough to cause me to whip my phone out while driving and photograph my car stereo to support my argument. This is not coincidence; it’s commonplace.
Aside from the fact that I am starting to dislike certain artists simply because they are played too much which is no fault of their own, can’t Sirius get their servers to talk to each other so at least when I switch from one station to avoid an artist, I don’t find his/her music on the next channel? With all the music available to play, surly this is not a tall order to fill. Double plays happen all the time though so I guess it has not occurred to them.

One final thought about Sirius. What is it with the commercials? Sure, commercials during Howard Stern or other talk shows where people need to be paid. I get that.
I’m talking about the interruptions between every song, no matter the channel reminding me what channel I’m listening to. I do not need that; I can clearly see what channel I am on. I do not need guidance regarding what’s on other channels either. Finally, advertising satellite radio for Christmas presents… That was an annoying Q4 campaign that had me on the brink of cancellation.

I’m not sure why the technology rants of late. Something has me stirred up though and they might just keep coming. Beware.

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