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Grand Lake Brewery

While on our photography tour around Grand Lake Colorado on Feb 16, we made it a point to stop in at Grand Lake Brewery to enjoy a few beers; mainly one of my favorites, White Cap Wheat.  This is a typical growing Colorado micro-brewery that, while many of it's operations have moved a mile down the road into a larger facility, still maintains a bar in it's original building.
With 10 varieties and only about an hour to partake, I didn't do my trip justice and will, of course, be back.
If you have the opportunity to visit this tiny bar, do so!  The bartender's are hilarious, helpful and full of knowledge about the beer.  They are locals and always willing to talk about mountain life, tourists, tall tales, etc.
If you can't make it to Grand Lake, GLB brews can be purchased at various liquor stores in the high country.
Make sure you click on these pictures and note the names of the beer.  Good times.

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