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Love to Hate

I made a realization about something over the past few days: people love to hate those who are successful.

This goes for any aspect of success but this particular observation is based in the chase community.
For the past two years of Reed Timmer's success since being on the show Storm Chasers on Discovery, he has dropped out of the chase community; not really communicating with anyone outside his group.  Many chasers have been very critical of his absence with comments like "he won't descend down to the level of other chasers" or "he's famous now and doesn't want to associate with us", both of which means basically the same thing.
Well, I'm not sure if it was necessarily a planned absence or if he is too busy or if he is a freaking genius but his absence is the best thing he could have done for himself.  Some chasers are catty little bitches in their approach to dealing with the frustration that they will never be Reed Timmer, or even an overnight success of the likes of Bart Comstock, Andy Gabrielson, Kris Hair, etc.  Their lack of recognition in the community only makes them shout louder to attempt a glimpse of attention.  It's a sad notion; even more sad in truth.

After seeing my friend Kris Hair raked over the coals for his participation in the Yazoo City, MS storm, I can finally see that the problem with being a successful chaser is simply the jealousy of others.  Combine this jealousy with an open forum such as facebook, twitter, chat and forums, and you get a bunch of blow-hards with a captive audience who form their own opinion going by just the inaccurate information given to them.
Fact is, Kris made damn good money utilizing his live stream, ENG skills and the hard work of his agent.  Some other chasers despise this and go to great lengths to tarnish the shine that chaser has managed to accomplish.

Many people get too close in my book, but that's the nature of the beast these days and frankly, reality, fear and extreme shots sell.  Do I think Kris got too close?  Hell yes I do.  Do I think he did it on purpose?  Not a chance.  That said, the circumstance he was in netted him some insane live video and even more insane stock video.  Why shouldn't he offer it for sale?  Why shouldn't he stick around and help in the area affected and document his duties along the way?

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