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Finally able to talk about it!

I'm thrilled it's finally the beginning of April.  Keeping things of this magnitude under wraps is hard but contracts are enforceable and the last thing I need at this point in the game is the inability to keep my trap shut to jeopardize everything.
Scott Bennett and I have been tapped as the lead chasers in the upcoming series "Whirlwind" which will appear on NBC this Fall.  This stems from the meeting we had with TWC at NSCC that was basically an interview for a TWC show.  NBC was lacking programming in the Wed 9pm (10 east coast) slot and needed a filler.  We got an 8-episode deal (plus the pilot) and, if Mother Nature will cooperate, you will see our ugly mugs on a major network.  We are stoked!

Much like the previous TWC/NBC effort to get some share of the viewership of the Storm Chasers series on Discovery, this show is based on a competition.  Of course we all know the goal will be most tornadoes, extreme footage, etc but the catch is, Scott and I are the only actual storm chasers in the competition.  There will be a celebrity pair (no, I do not know who it will be yet), a couple of "regular joe thrill seekers", Siamese twins and a couple of trained monkeys.
Each pair will be under the guidance of different types of weather information:

  • Scott & Steve: Strictly amateur forecasting from ST, SpotterChat and other sources

  • Celebrity couple: On-camera NBC meteorologists from around the country

  • Regular joe thrill seekers: Websites with high school kids posing as NOAA agencies

  • Trained monkeys: A link to the "current activity" map at SpotterNetwork

As if where we get our weather data was not difficult enough, we will be taxed with building our own vehicle out of scraps from a double-wide mobile home.  Each team gets a different build source and I'm unsure what the other pairs have drawn from the options available.  I understand one was scraps from a roached out Tahoe that looks like the dog van from the movie "Dumb and Dumber" and another was leftovers from the mobile mesonet stations from Vortex 2 program.

We are very excited about the opportunity and will get started here in about 3-weeks.  It seems like a dream come true for us considering if things go well we will gain enough fame to perhaps speak at local libraries around the country.

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