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Fat People Rejoice!

On April 12, 2010, KFC will begin it's attack on arteries world-wide with the  behemoth pictured above.  When I see monstrosities like this all I can think of is that trip to Wal-Mart when I see people walking around trying their hardest to not  fall forward due to their enormous belly.

I'm just not sure why this sort of food would be enticing to the dining public.  Not only is it literal heart attack on a plate, it is not at all appetizing from an appearance standpoint; it looks messy as hell.  I might eat one on a dare or for a  cash prize but to go out with this nasty pile of carbs, fat, cholesterol and sodium in my sights for a casual lunch, no thank you.

Why is it our states and the federal government tax cigarettes, claiming detrimental health effect on the U.S. smoking population as the reasoning, yet something like this only falls under sales tax?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging additional taxes on anything.  We are taxed enough.  What I am saying is heart disease costs health insurance and the country as a whole, waaaay more than COPD ever will.  That image above is heart disease in a convenient pocket.  What gives?

I know the answer to the questions I ask above.  I wonder if anyone else does?

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