I'm a private weather industry business leader with over 20 years of applied operations, sales and marketing experience. 

Welcome HamWx.com Visitors!

It might appear HamWx got a new look to some of you visiting today as now www.HamWx.com redirects to right here!
With everything else going on these days in the world of Steve, keeping up with a big website, in addition to everything else, has lost it's appeal. Pretty much everything that matters to me, weather-wise, can be found in the upper right-hand side of this blog and that's my photo, video and contact links. Right below these links are some blogs of note (which I hope to update soon so if you are not listed, let me know and I'll get you added).
There will be a lot less weather to talk about in the near future with summer coming on, not that I was doing a helluva lot of wx-talk here this spring to begin with. Rest assured that hurricane season will ramp up and things will get a little more weather-active around here.
Hope you like the change.

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