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Ted Kennedy is Dead (Almost)!

Okay, Ted Kennedy is not dead, in fact he went home from the hospital this morning, but the media laid him to rest yesterday in grand style.

I was watching one of the national evening news shows last night and Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor was the lead story. A few Dr. quotes in, the story switched gears and different political figures were honoring Teddy with quotes about his life and accomplishments. After that came the standard issue eulogy photo montage of his life set to some slow music. Finally, the anchor came back in his somber voice to segway into the next story which was about the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors. 
Ted Kennedy is already Resting In Peace as far as media is concerned.

Oh, and by the way in Myanmar, 78,000 people are dead and 54,000 are still missing and in China 40,000 are dead and 32,000 are still missing. No what was that lead story again? A 75-year old man might not live to see 80? Really?

With all that is going on in the world today I hope Ted Kennedy is not the lead story on the nightly newscasts until the day he actually dies. The mean ones tend to live longer therefore he will most certainly beat all odds.

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