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Joe the Plumber

In reading the various news media BS this morning, it will appear they have picked their star and it will be Obama. Not that it wasn't already but now it's set in stone.
McCain had a great showing last night at the debate, at least from my prospective; but you can only go so far when you have mainstream media pulling the strings attached to the Obama puppet.
My favorite was the CNN interview with a McCain campaign big wig where they showed her all the faces McCain made while Obama laid out his plan to increase everyone's taxes. The reporter mentioned there is "no excuse for this type of behavior" and threw it back to the interviewee. I have yet to see all the smirks and shit-eatin grins on Obama's face as McCain called him out on every question.
McCain's statement "I'm not George Bush. If you wanted to run against George Bush, you should have ran 4 years ago" was priceless. McCain is no George Bush and those who think he is are simply listening to the left wing propaganda and not actually seeking information on their own. These are the voters who scare me. In fact, half the people reading this blog will have probably not made it this far because they don't want to know more about the right (well, except for Hans; he's still reading...). They want to let the media spin the issues and deliver it to their simple minds via 45-second news stories.

Am I saying I think Obama will be our next president? I have no idea but the stars, the moon and big media are aligning in his favor. If he wins I hope anyone who is employed by a small business is prepared to suffer the consequences. I guess you can always get a job with the government since it will expend to meet the needs of an Obama presidency. And if you have any aspirations to EVER make more than $250K per year, you can kiss those goodbye too. Why make more money when you will just be taxed into oblivion? Status quo will be the mode from Obama on.
Don't even get me started on healthcare. Just think: Western Europe, Cuba, Finland... Hey democrats, go do some reading up on this topic and see if your vote is still Obama.

Vote McCain!!!

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Latest Message from Moore Liquor