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Bailout / McCain = Genius / Sushi

As has been proven in the past 24 hours by J.P. Morgan in its buyout of Washington Mutual, who happens to be the largest bank in history to fail, the government does not need to bail out big banking. This is how capitalism works. If you screw up, you go out of business or get bought / taken over by a competitor. I guarantee if they shelve the $700,000,000,000 bail-out and let the problem fester for about a month, it will self correct. Not only will it resolve itself, the banks left standing will be much more powerful with more diversification in their respective revenue streams. In the takeover process, greedy CEO's, and other money-hungry upper management with huge bonus packages fueling the fire, will be out of a job. Again, the problem fixes itself.

What will probably happen though is republicans won't show up to vote for the bailout today because they don't believe in it, much like the republican who's writings you are reading right now. They won't wan a vote like this on their record. Democrats will force a pass on the bill because they are all about the handouts and giving something and asking nothing in return. In a matter of months, another percentage of the 8,000,000,000,000 (trillion) in risky mortgages left out there will surface and those same banks will have their hands out again. Just like the welfare recipients who wait for the first of the month, month after month. Banks and other industries are being shown that they too can fail and the government will step in. Why? We are becoming a socialist union.
I'm not trying to be a conspiracist here. I'm giving an educated opinion.

On a different subject, McCain is attending the debate this evening in Mississippi. I didn't think for a second he wouldn't:
McCain's decision to cease all campaign operations for four days to go to Washington to help with the crisis is genius. First and foremost, McCain has a lot of banking interests supporting him and his party. McCain and his wife sit on around $57,000,000 in personal liquid assets which in itself gives him personal reasons to be concerned. In addition, ceasing ALL campaign operations for four-days means an expensive private chartered jet was grounded, countless millions in campaign ads on both print and television media were saved for later and all of this saving occurs while he is getting more free media attention than if he hadn't pulled this stunt. The only thing that should have been thought through was not having Palin on the campaign trail filling in for McCain - since that's what V.P.'s do. That said, the four-days worth of saving cash not running a campaign this week can be applied to the final push of ads and travel directly prior to the election. Genius.

On yet another subject, for those of you sushi lovers around the OKC area, In The Raw is opening in Norman with a full service menu next Thursday (10/2). Andrea and I attended the investor appreciation party last night and it was amazing. The ambiance is equal or better than that of the Tulsa ITR restaurants and the sushi was simply amazing. The service is second to none as well; you will be impressed. For those who just can't wait, the Norman ITR will have a soft open on Saturday (26th) with a limited food menu and full bar. Again, for the best experience, head over next Thursday for the full set. Make sure you order the Candy Roll and give it a try - it's by far my favorite.


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