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Labor Day Weekend

There are three summer holidays true "lakers" never miss. Memorial Day, Fourth of July week and Labor Day weekend.
In true laker fashion, I skipped the very enticing chase to the Gulf coast to play in Hurricane Gustav in order to spend a few days at Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma. Our friend and fellow storm chaser, Kelly Baker, has a lake home there which made the trip twice the fun - thanks again for the invite, Kelly!
While a good part of the time on the lake was spent hanging off the swim platform in the deep, cool water, we ventured to one of the party beaches on Sunday and had a helluva good time. Andrea and I, our friends from Moore, Robert and Terra and, of course, Aaron pulled up to this beach for most of the day. Here are a few pics:

I'm not sure how or why this happened but I was on my boat dicking with the stereo and I look up and the beach is emptied of people and everyone is standing together in front of my boat for a picture some guy was taking. I snapped one too since it was convenient.

A view from my boat looking down the beach. Boats were lined up like this on both sides and on every other beach in sight. Keystone Lake (where I keep my boat) is not near this party oriented.

A couple guys bought an old-school pontoon boat and let people from the beach sign it. My signature is on the helm, in case you ever come across this piece of work.

Another shot down the beach. My boat is the white and red with the two girls on the front. Left is my wife and right is Terra.

Not sure who these girls were, nor am I sure who took this picture but since it is on my camera, I guess I'll take the blame.

While Labor Day marks the end of the summer for many, as long as the nights don't get to below 40 or so, I'm still lake-bound most every chance I get. This usually equates to about mid October or so.

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Gustav - no superstar