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Spent last evening in the Bricktown Ballpark (The Brick) at the Dave Matthews Band concert.
What a long night of music too. If you ever want to get your money's worth out of attending a concert, hit up a DMB show and you won't be disappointed.
The Eli Young Band opened at 7:00 with a little local flavor Red Dirt. This is my favorite kind of music in the summertime and considering this band was not announced prior to the show, it was a welcome surprise.
Dave Matthews hit the stage at 8pm sharp and by 10:30 when Andie and I had to leave he hadn't made it to encore yet. His encores are usually 3-4 songs. That's a lot - if you have never heard DMB live, basically you can double or even triple the length of all his songs. It seems the band sits there and jams forever. I'm not complaining. I would guess though that he was on stage for at least 3-hours.
I went to a DMB concert when he was in Dallas about 5-years ago. It was much different when he was in the mainstream. We knew all the songs and everyone sang along. The demographic was a lot more refined too with twenty-somethings being the median.
Last night was more of a cult following type of group with all ages represented. It was great for people-watching and the smell that used to come from my hippie neighbor's apartment back in college was all around. Lots of people having a good time. It was apparent though that I had not kept up with DMB as half his set was music I had never laid ears on.

If you haven't enjoyed one of his live shows, make an effort to go to one at some point. They are an experience.

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