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Irony and Big Business

I came across this picture a long time ago and just found it again. I can't remember exactly why I was looking for the old "bread line" type pictures then but it seems fitting today as our economy again slowly tumbles before our eyes.
As I write this, a barrel of sweet crude is working its way to the $130 mark and OPEC is standing by a maximum export contract that says they will not be bumping production until September. Many in the political arena blame OPEC for the supply and demand issues which result in rising prices. In all actuality, big oil is the culprit.
Exxon reported "disappointing first quarter results" with a profit of only 9 billion. Really? 9 billion - like a number 9 with nine zeros after it? Looks a little like this: 9,000,000,000? Oh, and they call it PROFIT which means this is a figure based on cash on-hand AFTER all overhead is paid. All of this while I fill up my fuel tanks at the local 7-11 for $3.79/gal.

This kind of corporate greed is the exact reason government entities like the SEC is in place. What the hell are they doing though? Somehow, someway, somewhere, big oil and refiners managed to create a monopoly. This monopoly is why you and I pay more for fuel around holidays and why when the price of a barrel of oil goes up, the price at the pump goes up but when the barrel plateaus of declines in value, your fuel costs remain the same. Profit, profit profit!

I could go on and on and touch on the mortgage industry, giant utilities, mega retail, auto manufacturers and any other sector that has fallen or has the potential to fall on its face in the wake of this economic downturn but I don't have the time and you probably already know what I would say about them.
In a nutshell, I think big business is bad for a country the size of the U.S. Only recently (past 20 years or so) in this country have a handful of companies been able to influence our economy; the so called strongest economy in the world. Depending on the leadership of this handful of companies has proven detrimental to to the point of embarrassment.
Regardless of the political orientation of our next President, I hope a big picture assessment of the economy and why we are where we are right now is at the top of the list of things to do.

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