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Decisions, decisions

There are good decisions and bad decisions.
I had a choice between spending the holiday weekend doing two things I love: storm chasing or boating. Since I obviously can't do both, I had to make a tough decision. Being that it was a holiday weekend, I chose to spend time with friends on our boat. It just so happens this holiday weekend was possibly the most active 4-day period of severe weather I have seen in years. I missed it.
Yeah, I chased on Thursday the 22nd but it wasn't nearly enough to hold me over.
A damn good time was had while on the lake so I won't complain too much other than to say I'm disappointed to be the only chaser on the planet without tornado footage from this weekend.

In my process of getting caught up on everyone's catches since Thursday, I have learned of three chaser-related car accidents, two chasers who about got killed by a tornado and one chaser who was almost run over in the road due to being stupid. You can reference stormtrack.org for all of these stories.
I wonder if these issues are due to the number of chasers out, the level of video needed to get decent money, or if being crazy is simply how we get notches in our belts these days?
Maybe boating more isn't such a bad idea!

Forecast: 5/27/08

Bad ideas