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Convergence Issues

In several different chaser haunts today, I have read complaints about chasers, chase teams, chase tours, and the almighty mega I have grant money, look at me chase groups.
Complaints: conduct while driving, not pulling off the road far enough, standing in the road and the standard issue with everyone and their dog wanting to be within a certain proximity to these flashy vehicles and groups all the time.
Yesterday I saw all of these groups but never once was I inconvenienced or bothered at all by them. Sometimes I am though so that's why I write.
Of all the issues I mention above and others mention elsewhere, the one that bothers me the most is one no one has mentioned; yet.

If you are classified in one of the general categories above and are chasing a storm for whatever reason, do the rest of us on favor. Please, please! When you get to the spot where you think you need to set up your gear and do your thing, before you stop your car, look at the friggin storm. Determine if you will need to exit your location to the north, south or east. Take the extra 20 seconds to turn your car in the right direction for a swift exit and then set up your gear. Now, this might not be within the "I gotta be next to the DOW team and the Dodge Rams with the crazy ass shit hung all over them" zone; but, when the rest of us who did think ahead try to leave the area, we won't be yelling at your ass to get out of our way when you're making a 12-point turn in the middle of the road as everyone gets pounded with hail.
Think ahead.

Bad ideas

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