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Chase Day 5/22/08

As of 00z last night my target was all over the place. Play the warm front north of I-70 or the dryline in west central KS was the big issue. The NAM was holding the cap tight south of I-70 too which was discouraging since variables are in place for a heck of a good chase day should something get going.
The target is much more obvious this morning so Hans and I will be heading out in a few minutes to Kinsley, KS. This is a good bet for us because all fingers point to a lone sup around DDC that will track ENE into the better air that should be in the areas just north of the target.
Shane Adams pointed out the potential for a NW OK cell as well which I saw last night and agree with. This potential is exactly the reason I'm not willing to commit to I-70.

Today will be a chaser circus of grand proportion all up and down the DL. There will be no chance of shooting a tornado from an angle no one else has. That's okay though. This year so far has been so piss-poor for me that I'll take what I can get.
I'll be blogging from the road when have time and will be streaming video later in the day. Definitely by 5pm.

Best of luck to all who head out on this one.

Breakfast of, uh, champions

Forecast 5/22/08 - NW OK, WC KS