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Al Gore: Bite Me

Every now and then I like to flip off the global warming alarmists in my own little way by blogging about my personal "carbon footprint" here in my blog. The reason I find this activity amusing is because of the propaganda out there geared toward the individual. Granted, each of us do a share to violate the environment but that share is so minute that even the populous as a whole changing their ways to the extent alarmists instruct we should do so, would be nowhere near the offset needed to reverse what worldwide industry is doing to our Earth.
A friend of mine directed me to the following website: http://www.carbonbelchday.com/
Carbon belch day is June 12th. While this is simply an Al Gore slap-in-the-face website that will have no impact, it's funny as hell and worth a read. My impact on June 12th will be 1,751 credits.
With summer-like temps, my household is holding its own as we are cranking 10.5 tons of air conditioning 24/7. We're now up to a collective total of 27.4 litres of engine displacement in our vehicle/boat collection. Our lawn service uses 2-cycle engines for about an hour a week, plus two huge lawn mowers for a couple hours. This lawn sees 53,000 gallons of water per month according to my water bill. My wife takes :45 minute showers at no less than 150 degrees. My dog Duke has to be averaging 85CuFt of methane release per week. This is a guesstimate, of course.
Why does this matter? Because the local Super Wal-Mart puts out a bigger "carbon footprint" in one week than my household will in my lifetime.

The idea of monitoring "carbon footprints" and drastically changing your personal lifestyle is about as corny to me as the idea of going vegetarian or vegan with the only reasoning being to save the life of a cow or pig. Us, as individuals thinking we can personally alter the outcome of the global warming issue is insane. That said, with industry climbing on the carbon footprint bandwagon due to the exposure of industrial level waste and emissions, things should change for the better and big business / industry is where we as individuals should continue to point our collective fingers regarding the saving of OUR Earth.

Time to go turn that thermostat down a degree or two. It's a little warm in here.

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